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The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo International Committee honored a delegation from Thailand led by Vinit and Pawanee R. of Yenwa Ltd. – Bangkok during the opening of the 2012 Houston Livestock Show.  A special welcome reception honored the contributions of Vinit and Pawanee for their contributions to introduce Beefmaster cattle to Thailand.  Mr. Jim Pat, Chairman of the HLSR International Committee awarded Vinit with a special made 80th Anniversary Limited Edition 2012 Belt Buckle and Dr. Tommy Perkins provided another special award from Beefmaster Breeders United of a leather engraved Texas Map showing where Vinit has led Thai visitors to Beefmaster ranches in Texas.  On February 29, a special Field Day at the Sanders DBL D BAR Ranch provided a Nolan Ryan Beefmaster Prime Rib luncheon for these guests along with a hay ride across the ranch to view purebred Dd cattle and bulls.

Doyle Sanders joined Lorenzo Lasater, John Pierson, Jeff Blair, and Jerry Glor in Bangkok on March 8-12, 2012 to present a seminar at the BSP Show about 175 km north of Bangkok in an area with a large number of Beefmaster breeders. In addition to the seminar, the BBU International Committee members helped judge and classify the first cross calves born in Thailand. Doyle Sanders presented a discussion on Upgrading to Purebred using BBU Programs. Other talks focused on Value of Beefmaster Disposition, Crossbreeding with Beefmaster Genetics, and other aspects of the benefits Beefmasters and BBU provide to Thai farmers.

At the BSP Cattle Show at Buergsamphan inPetchuban Province, Thailand, a first cross heifer calf bred to our Angelo bull was judged best Beefmaster of the show. She was from Apple Cattle Farm located in Chachoengsao Province and owned by Mr. Amornchai Pincharoen. We are sponsoring BBU International Membership for the owner and the first cross certification in the BBU Upgrade Program for the calf.

DBL D BAR Beefmaster Ranch was invited to return to the Pattaya International Livestock Show in Pattaya, Thailand by the Thailand Beefmaster Breeders United (TBBU). Doyle Sanders was a guest of Dr. Sunchet Sophon during this major event in Thailand during March 30- April 1, 2012. Doyle enjoyed seeing old friends in Pattaya and meeting new friends at the important Thailand livestock show.

DBL D BAR donated two 15 month old heifers to the Stephen F Austin State University Beefmaster development and research herd.These dark red heifers are from Angelo and Bellissimo breeding to some special performance cows on the ranch. Dr. Tommy Perkins, Executive Director of BBU will be working with Dr. Erin Brown at SFA on programs to demonstrate the value of Beefmaster cattle in beef production with Beefmaster and other purebred breed bulls.

Paul Faist from LaGrange, Texas has returned to DBL D BAR for another herdsire bull. He bought an Angelo son 084/07. Recent progeny from this young bull were sold at Four Counties Auction Center out of our E-6 herd ranging from $129-$139/cwt at weaning. They averaged about 675 lb per calf. No discount apparent for these calves. (Well the Black Brangus E-6 bull calf only brought $120. The rest were all red calves.) Good bull for good money. Paul’s previous other three Dd bulls are still in production and providing top quality commercial calves. Thanks Paul. See you next spring.

DBL D BAR completed inventory and spring work of all cow/calves in the various herds. The Whole Herd Reporting process has enabled us to confirm our fertility programs and weights and measures goals to improve our herd. Culling good cows is hard but we are seeing drastic improvements in performance and quality of offspring.

The Duke is about to start his last breeding season at the DBL D BAR. He has produced some excellent dams in our herds and good quality performance on ultrasounds and weight measurements. He has been a prolific breeder and an easy going disposition. He is a moderate sized bull with excellent EPDs. If you are interested in a retired herd sire from our ranch, take a look at The Duke. He will be available for purchase following mid-July, 2010. We have a block of CSS semen from The Duke that will also be available to the buyer.

D’Vinci is in collection at Elgin for CSS semen sales. His initial collection has been strong with excellent results. He will be heading to New Mexico for a short stint at their collection center in the mountains. Watch for announcements on the availability of his semen. We have been receiving queries on sales of this semen but are waiting to uncork his potential until later this summer. His first Dd calves are expected in July on some first calf performance heifers.

This year, watch for the uncorking of the power, performance, and good taste displayed by the addition of our new herd-sire: D’Vinci . We expect him to become a new Master of Beefmasters.

Shawna Jenkins of Lake Helen, Florida: Welcome as a new member of BBU. Shawna has purchased semen from The Duke for use in her new E6 herd in Florida.

Doyle Sanders was recently interviewed for a special article in The Gulf Coast Cattlemen about the commitments it takes to internationally market Beefmaster cattle. Watch for the March 2010 issue.

Thailand , here we come! DBL D BAR Ranch is shipping 1100 straws of Angelo’s CSS-certified semen to the country to introduce Beefmaster genetics there. In cooperation with Yenwa Genetics Imports of Bangkok, this will be used to develop test herds and marketing for beef production and upgrade programs.

Congratulations to Bub and Nancy Epley’s Tres Hijos Ranch in Tilden, Texas. They just shipped 8 live Beefmaster heifers to Panama.

Congratulations to the charter board and officers of the newly created BEEF , a non-profit foundation formed by BBU members for advancing research and academic scholarships through memorial contributions and gifts to help the Beefmaster breed nurture and develop.

The Central Texas Beefmaster Breeders Association has moved up from a marketing group to full satellite status in the BBU breed association. Congratulations to a great group of people in our association.

The Thailand Project in BBU is planning a reverse mission in March 2010 to bring beef cattlemen from Thailand to visit the International Committee during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and conduct ranch tours. Dbl D Bar is hosting field days for the Thai delegation and planning a similar field day at the ranch for a delegate of Vietnams cattlemen.