Proven Bulls

DBL D BAR Bulls: 6 Bulls, 6 Essentials

DBL D BAR Beefmaster bulls come from premium pedigrees like L Bar 5502, Scarlet Pride, Havana, Tiger Paw, Cavalier, Robert E. Lee, Lady’s Man, and Paradigm. With bloodlines from these herd-sire trait leaders for weaning and yearling weights and top pedigrees, Dd bulls offer smooth underlines and some of the best EPD’s in the Beefmaster breed.

Our bulls are Angelo, Chianti, D’Collini, D’Vinci, El Dorado, and Pro- Creator. In addition to premium pedigrees, all of these Beefmaster bulls have produced excellent calves and have proven to be among the top bulls in Central Texas through strong performance testing results.

All semen from Dd bulls is certified by Certified Semen Services (CSS). Elgin Breeding Service collects and stores our bull semen at their facility in Elgin, Texas. To provide proof of pedigree, we have blood typing and DNA on file with every bull’s certificate of registration.

If you’re interested in purchasing Dd Beefmaster semen, we currently have The Duke, Angelo and Procreator’s semen available for sale. In the summer of 2010, we will have semen from Chianti, and D’Vinci ready for sale.

Angelo_239-05Angelo ChiantiChianti
D'Collini_CMYKD’Collini D'Vinci_CMYKD’Vinci
El_Dorado+5x7El Dorado Pro-Creator_02-003Pro-Creator